Grow Your Following and Reach More Customers on InstagramTM.
(All in Just Five Minutes a Day!)

10 steps to Your First 10 Customers on Instagram® in 30 Days

Getting your first ten customers on Instagram® is easy when you follow these simple steps!

Step 1: Define Your Niche

Many people believe that the more followers you have on Instagram®, the more successful you’ll be. This is simply not true. You can have thousands, even millions of followers, but if you can’t convert those followers into customers and use Instagram® as a tool to grow your business, you might as well be talking to a brick wall.

So how do you define your niche? We talk about this a great deal as part of InstaClubHub, but the important thing to know is that there doesn’t have to be one perfect niche or topic. You likely have a few ideas in mind and it can be tempting to want to try them all, but when you’re just starting out, it’s important to focus only on one.

The good news is you’re not “married” to that niche. Amazon wouldn’t be one of the largest, most profitable companies in the world if they’d stuck to just selling used books. But they did choose to focus on one thing and did it exceptionally well before branching out into other areas.

The important thing was that they chose to focus on doing that one thing well. For several years, used books were their niche. Copy their strategy. Start out small. Choose one thing that you’re excited and passionate about and evolve over time. There is no one-size-fits-all niche but eventually you’ll be able to carve out the perfect space for you and no one will be able to nudge you off your pedestal!

Step 2: Optimize Your Profile

This is another topic that we cover a great deal in InstaClubHub but suffice it to say that even after you’ve chosen your niche, you still can’t start growing your business and turning customers into followers unless they know how to find you.

That means taking steps to ensure that your profile photo is showing the very best version of you, and even more importantly, that your bio can easily be found when someone searches for keywords related to your niche. We show you step-by-step how to do this in InstaClubHub, and we even offer bio review services where we check your profile to make sure you’ve ticked all the boxes and are ready to launch with a BANG.

Step 3: Post Your First Reel

Now that you’ve got your niche and bio squared away, your task for today is to post a Reel related to your niche.

To create your first Reel:

  1. Tap to open the Reels feature in Instagram® (press the + button at the bottom middle of the screen in the Instagram® app)
  2. Choose your video length
  3. Add music to your Reel
  4. Choose your speed and effects
  5. Set the timer
  6. Record your video
  7. Add text if you want

Step 4: Post Your First Carousel

The following day, post a Carousel that educates people on something from your niche. A few ideas can be:

  • A common myth or misconception from your industry
  • A how-to
  • A step-by-step guide
  • A helpful analogy

Step 5: Post Stories Related to Your Business but Don’t Sell or Promote!

Nothing turns potential buyers off faster than Stories that sell, sell, sell. There will be a time for that, but first you have to connect with your followers and personalize your brand by adding the human factor – YOU!

You can talk about your absolute favorite thing in your niche, talk about what you love to do or how you get started in your business. The point is to show your passion and be real! People love connecting with other people that share their interests and passion in your chosen topic!

Step 6: Rinse and repeat for the next 28 days:

Now comes the easy and fun part. You’ll repeat steps 3 and 4 for the next 28 days across different topics and ideas (don’t forget to grab our 50 Free Instagram® Stories Ideas and our 10 Free Reels Templates Free Reels Template

And you’ll repeat step 5 every 4 days.

Step 7: Create a Poll About a Common Problem in Your Niche That You Can Solve

Post Stories talking about a problem you’ve recently had (that your product or service solves) and add a poll that allows others to vote if they’ve experienced the same problem.

This helps you establish a rapport with your target customer, in that first, they’ll see that they aren’t suffering this issue alone, and second, that you know how they feel and can help them solve it.

Step 8: Send a Direct Message to Anyone Who Voted That They Have the Same Problem

In the direct message, you’ll ask them if they’ve found a solution. If anyone answers that they haven’t, ask them if they’d be open to hearing about the solution you found.

Step 9: Briefly Tell Them the Benefits

Let them know about the benefits of your solution, and then follow-up by asking “Would you be open to taking a look?” Again, no pressure, just a friendly, open conversation.

Step 10: Take the Next Step

Assuming they say “yes”, send them a message about the best part of your offer and include the link to the checkout/offer/product page. Then follow up with “Hey, I noticed I Didn’t see your name on my list. How can I help you out?” if they don’t purchase.

That’s it! Following these ten easy steps will help you connect with at least 10 new followers that will convert into customers. It’s that simple! Try it out for yourself and you’ll see! Don’t forget to check out InstaClubHub for more in-depth tips, tools and training that can help you build your business even more!

Grow Your Following and Reach More Customers on InstagramTM. (All in Just Five Minutes a Day!)