How to Boost Engagement While Selling on IG

How to 10x The Customers You Get From IG (Even If You Have a Small Following)

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October 26th, at 5pm PT | 8pm ET

Take the mystery out of selling on Instagram with our PROVEN 5-Step Sales Formula.

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  • Stress-free methods to sell on Instagram without having to resort to desperate sales pitches or high-pressure tactics.
  • The simple 5-minute formula that irresistibly attracts interested customers to you like a magnet!
  • Our PROVEN technique that can DOUBLE your leads and attract followers that are engaged, interested and ready-to-act.
  • How to TRIPLE your engagement even if your posts right now barely make a blip on anyone’s radar
  • Increase comfort and confidence selling on one of the most popular social networks, attracting over ONE BILLION potential customers.

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The Maximum Engagement Sales Checklist

Before you sell ANYTHING on Instagram, review this fast, easy checklist and make sure you’re hitting all your target customer’s hot buttons!

The 5-Step Selling Formula Guide

Take what you learn in the workshop and put it into ACTION! Use this proven, step-by-step template to help you crush your social media sales strategy.

Still Not Sure You’re Ready to Sell on Instagram? Here’s What Past Attendees Have to Say!

Meet Your Hosts, Chalene and Brock Johnson
Award-Winning Speakers, Marketing Masterminds and Instagram Superstars

Mother-and-son team Chalene and Brock Johnson are each Instagram experts in their own right. Chalene is a New York Times Bestselling Author, motivational speaker and host of two podcasts — the Chalene Show and Build Your Tribe. She has built and sold several multimillion-dollar businesses alongside her husband Bret. Chalene’s been mastering Instagram since the BEGINNING and she knows all the ins and outs of starting (and growing) an online business.

Brock Johnson has been using social media to grow his businesses since he was 13!  After spending 5 years as an Instagram coach and helping hundreds of clients through one-on-one sessions, he co-founded InstaClubHub in 2020. His explosive Instagram growth (over 400,000 followers in 1 year!!) is thanks in part to his unofficial title as “King of Reels.” Since April 1st of 2021, Brock’s Instagram has grown at a rate of 1,000 followers per day! Brock has also launched 5 separate online courses, each with over 300 members. Brock is a sought-after public speaker and has helped thousands of people monetize their social media.

Today, Chalene and Brock help individuals and business owners master Instagram marketing with their unique ability to break down complex marketing tactics into a do-able, impactful set of steps that ANYONE can apply and follow to see results. Join them as they share the latest Instagram secrets to growing your brand.