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Get Certified to Become a Professional Instagram Marketer

We created these course modules to help you immediately understand what works on Instagram over the long term so that you can bring your customers greater successes all by leveraging what you’ve learned from InstaClubHub

Niche Mastery

Choosing your niche is the single most powerful marketing strategy you can implement on Instagram. But it’s one thing to do it for yourself and another thing entirely to help others find what will move them to become successful on Instagram.

Reels Mastery

Discover the secret formula that makes Reels go viral and learn how to put this formula to use to help your own clients excel on Instagram and get millions of views on their own Reels!

Stories Mastery

Stories are the foundation of your relationship-building on Instagram. Learn how to use Stories effectively and how to help your clients leverage Stories to amplify their brand and grow their business

DM Mastery

Turn DMs into your own personal sales machine by connecting with prospects and giving them a deeper, more personalized user experience. We’ll show you how to do it all and automate it to save hours of time!

This is your chance to put your business squarely in the spotlight and use InstaClubHub as your own professional lead generation machine!

By getting our new certification badge, you’ll not only be able to showcase yourself as the SMARTEST Instagram marketer in the room (which we already knew), but you’ll also have the opportunity to become an integral part of our InstaClubHub family by:

Showcasing Your Business on our New InstaClubHub Marketplace

Let InstaClubHub members know what kinds of services you can offer so that they can optionally hire you to help them wrangle their Instagram account, build their following the RIGHT WAY and reach more authentic followers.

Contribute Templates for FREE with YOUR NAME as the Author

If it’s one thing InstaClubHub members love, it’s free templates! We’ll add your name as an author so you get full credit.

Grow Your Profile as a Respected Social Media Professional

Add InstaClubHub certification to your undoubtedly long list of amazing achievements and position yourself as a true, certified expert in your field!

Get Mentioned on Our Live Trainings

Our live trainings are filled to the brim with eager, excited members and we’re all too happy to share the love (and the business) by mentioning your name!

In short, you get to do more of what you love, with the potential to get a TON of active, hungry, eager leads to grow your social media business.

How Do I Get Started?

Becoming a Certified Instagram Marketer through InstaClubHub not only demonstrates that you’re able to put the proven trainings and tips you’ve learned with us to help others build their businesses, but it also turns InstaClubHub into a valuable source of engaged leads.

The certification course costs a one-time fee of $2,500. This covers all of your course materials and unlocks the ability for you to submit templates and get listed in our social media professional showcase. There’s no renewal fee and no extra costs, and you could easily recoup your investment with your very first client!

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