Day 13:
The Wealthy Reel - Major bag


STEP 3: Create Your Reel

  • Note: the specific part of the audio you need begins half-way through the song. After selecting “use audio,” select the audio (from the top top of the menu on while on the Reels recording screen) and then scroll through the song until you reach the beginning of the sound.
  • This trend is all about relatable (and often small) ways to make money. The irony is that the song is saying “major bag alert,” as in, “major bag of money alert.” Simply mouth these words, look at the camera confidently, or dance around while the song is playing. Add text about a small form of income in your industry. The more small, but relatable, the better! If your industry doesn’t have an income component, you can replace money with whatever a small win in your field.
    Example #1: Abstract nature Painter niche
    Text: When you post a video of your work and someone comments “I would totally buy this if I could”
    Example #2: Funny Dentist from South Dakota niche
    Text: When the kid with 39 cavities walks in

STEP 4: Post Your Reel

  • Don’t forget to engage with your audience – before and after you post!

STEP 5: Go Beyond the Reel

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