Day 14:
The Quick-Tips Reel


STEP 3: Create Your Reel

  • For this Reel, you have 2 options to take.
  • The easier option is to record yourself saying “yeah, yeah, yeah, aye,” and then counting up. After this, add text about something that you have a ton of.
  • For the harder more challenging option, record yourself saying “yeah, yeah, yeah, aye,” add text at the top that says how many tips you are about to give (“8 tips for _____”) and then count up, making sure to stop the Audio at the number you listed. Add a tip for each of the numbers!
    Example #1: women over 60 fashionista niche
    Text: “How many pairs of shoes do I have?”
    Example #2: running coach for plus-sized men niche
    Text: “8 tips for better long runs”
    *insert 8 tips*

STEP 4: Post Your Reel

  • Don’t forget to engage with your audience – before and after you post!

STEP 5: Go Beyond the Reel

  • Click HERE to discover other ways to grow your following and attract more customers