Day 6:
The Tempo Reel


STEP 3: Create Your Reel

  • At the start of the video, move your hand/finger in front of the camera, back-and-forth, on the beat. This will be a pretty fast tempo, so quickly moving your finger back and forth should match the beat. Each time the beat “hits,” add a new piece of text. Again, this text will be appearing and disappearing pretty quickly.
  • The text will be fast moving, so keep the phrases short. Ideally, one or 2 word phrases or mistakes to avoid.
  • After the beats end, add text about the simple solution to avoid the mistakes.
    Example 1: (engagement photographer from Montana niche)
    Flipping finger back and forth with different photography mistakes
    Final Text: “hire me for the best engagement photo session ever”
    Example 2: (dance teacher for women in their 20’s niche)
    Flipping finger back and forth with different dance mistakes
    Final Text: “take a zoom class with me and fix all of these!”

STEP 4: Post Your Reel

  • Don’t forget to engage with your audience – before and after you post!

STEP 5: Go Beyond the Reel

  • Click HERE to discover other ways to grow your following and attract more customers