Day 2:
The Credibility Reel


STEP 3: Create Your Reel

  • Record yourself pointing at 2 different areas on the screen where you will later add text. This can be done in one continuous video or in 2 seperate clips. Add text (where you pointed with 2 things, related to your niche, that are “no’s”.
  • End the video by pointing at 3rd area (possibly at the bottom of the screen) and add a piece of text about the thing that is a “yes” in your industry!
    Example #1: (Beginner Rock Climbing niche)
    Text: Leaving your climbing shoes at home
    Audio: “no”
    Text: Forgetting to bring water
    Audio: “no”
    Text: Making a checklist so you don’t forget anything
    Audio: “yes”
    Example #2: (Essential Oils Direct Seller niche)
    Text: essential oils are dangerous
    Audio: “no”
    Text: essential oils are super expensive
    Audio: “no”
    Text: essential oils have been used for thousands of years in a wide variety of applications
    Audio: “yes”
  • For Best Practices on creating your Reel, Watch the InstaClubHub Training

STEP 4: Post Your Reel

  • Don’t forget to add the hashtag #14Reels

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