Day 11:


STEP 3: Create Your Reel

  • Start the Reel by playing the role of your ideal client, customer, or follower. Speak random words while the beginning of the audio is playing. You will then add text over this part, describing the problem that the person is having.
  • For the second, record yourself walking into the room and saying “This looks like a job for me.”
  • Add text that also says “this looks like a job for me.”
    In the caption, describe how this is a problem you can solve!
    Example #1: (Cute succulent-plant art)
    First character: “Ugh! I don’t have a lot of money and don’t know what to get my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day!”
    You: “This looks like a job for me!”
    Example #2: (SAHM workout ideas niche)
    First Character: “Working out at home is so impossible with kids!”
    You: “This looks like a job for me!”
  • For Best Practices on creating your Reel, Watch the InstaClubHub Training

STEP 4: Post Your Reel

  • Don’t forget to add the hashtag #14Reels

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