The Best Hashtags for Entrepreneurs to Use on Instagram

Hashtags on Instagram, although not as far-reaching as they used to be, are still important to use when creating your Reels. Although the Instagram algorithm has grown by leaps and bounds to better understand searchers’ intentions, adding hashtags certainly can’t hurt your reach. And if done right, it has the potential to bring you new followers.

In this article, we’ll look at an innovative new way to find customers using hashtags, as well as how many hashtags you should use on your posts, and where they should be for maximum effect. Let’s jump right in!

The Classic Hashtag Strategy

The classic Instagram hashtag strategy goes something like this. Make a post, be it a story, Reel or a regular type of posto. Then add any and all hashtags you think someone would use to find your post.

Despite the fact that it’s 2022 and people are wondering if hashtags are still relevant, we’re here to tell you that yes, hashtags still have a place in your Instagram strategy. However, the classic hashtag strategy doesn’t work as well as it used to, and although you should still use hashtags, there’s a certain little-known strategy that works exceptionally well for entrepreneurs. We’ve laid it all out for you below.

Can You Use Too Many Hashtags?

Yes, you can have too much of a good thing. In fact, Instagram had to tweak its algorithm, because viewers were saying that no matter how easy it is for machines to read and categorize things by hashtag, it was distracting and spammy-looking to people.

Of course, “how many hashtags should you use on Instagram?” is a common question, and although the answer differs from industry to industry, between 1-3 is probably enough.

Should You Put Hashtags in the Comments or Captions?

Instagram is very clear about this: hashtags belong in the captions, NOT in the comments. They settled the debate once and for all, but you’ll still see some people recommending that you put hashtags in the comments. The problem with this is that they’ll end up being buried if you get lots of comments.

But even if you don’t, putting tons of hashtags in comments has a tendency to scream “I’m a total beginner!” to people who are more well-versed in Instagram. And that’s definitely not a look you’ll want to embrace when cultivating your presence as a respected authority in your niche!

A Better Hashtag Technique

Instead of just adding hashtags to your captions on your Reel or Story, what if there were a better way to not only reach more customers using hashtags, but do so in a way that I can almost guarantee you that your competitors AREN’T? 

Would you want to know how?

I’ve created a FREE video that walks you through the technique, step-by-step. We’ve personally used this method to grow our accounts across a wide variety of niches, resulting in thousands and thousands of new followers, so we know that not only does it work – it catches on like WILDFIRE.